CDP6 - Modelling allosteric drugs

End date 2017-09-30 17:00:00 (GMT+1)

The Human Brain Project

The Human Brain Project (HBP, is an ambitious 10-year research initiative, and part of the EU flagship program[1]. HBP is developing an innovative ICT infrastructure (the HBP Joint Platform[2]), that will help neuroscientists and clinical researchers integrate data and knowledge about the brain across all levels of its spatial and temporal organization. Using detailed digital representations, reconstructions, and simulations it aims to give tools to thousands of researchers to advance and accelerate our understanding of the functioning of the human brain and its diseases.

Through this Call for Expressions of Interest (CEoI), HBP is looking for new Partners with a strong track record in Modelling for Drugs, to join the project's next phase, which will be funded under Horizon 2020.

Scope of the Call for Modelling of Allosteric Drugs

Under this CEoI, potential new Partners are expected to submit a proposal for a challenging project addressing high-level Use Cases for Modelling of Allosteric Drugs.

Success in this Call should not be considered as a commitment by the HBP or the EC to continue funding the Partners after the end of the SGA2 period. The continuation of this activity will be subject to the same review as all other HBP activities.


Budget of the Call for Modelling of Allosteric Drugs

The total budget of the call is EUR 225,000 (EU contribution including 25% indirect costs, H2020 rules), for one proposal with two partners.


[2] For detailed information see “HBP _SGA2_Joint Platform.pdf”

[3] The countries eligible to apply are all the EU Member States and the H2020 Associated Countries. For eligibility of other countries, see

[5] Partner = an organization, not an individual


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