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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply to our calls?

If not specified otherwise on the call page, financial support may be provided to any legal entity possessing a validated participant identification code (PIC). At the moment of submission, though, the entity can apply with the provisional PIC. Once these conditions are met, financial support can be given to natural persons, public or private bodies, research organizations, non-profit organizations, small and medium enterprises, international organizations, international organizations of EU interest, established in an EU Member State or in an Associated Country. Proposals are expected from single legal entities or small consortia.

Which countries are eligible for funding?

The countries eligible for funding are all the EU Member States and the H2020 Associated Countries. For eligibility of other countries, see

What is a PIC?

A PIC is a european 9-digit Participant Identification Code. If you do not have one, you can request one at

Can I still update my proposal after submission?

Yes. To update your proposal login to the Dashboard and check out the proposals section. Please note: Once you add a contact person to your proposal a new user profile is generated, that can only be updated by its owner.

What is an in-kind contribution?

In-Kind contributions include access to research infrastructure, experimental facilities and use of technical equipment. The in-kind contributions must be clearly explained and expressed in a monetary value. Taking into account only the portion of the costs which corresponds to the duration of the action and rate of actual use. The cost should not exceed the depreciation costs of similar equipment of infrastructure.

What is considered conflict of interest?


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